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Midnight in Paris 2011 English [BluRay] Dual Audio Torrent Download

Midnight in Paris (2011)

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Midnight in Paris torrent

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Year: 2011
Genre: Comedy, Fantasy, Romance
Director: Woody Allen
Starring: Owen Wilson, Rachel McAdams, Kurt Fuller

During a trip to Paris with his family're engaged, Writer finds himself mysteriously turn nostalgic 1920s daily at midnight.
There is something about the midnight hour, something special, mystical and magical. In the case of this wonderful film, its impact is fully realized, as we see our protagonist suddenly realize that he is able to face what he really admires, treasures, and dreams. In the opening scene, he expressed a desire to settle in the city of light, and we know its not an easy thing to do. His girlfriend and he is totally different appreciation for what it means in Paris. She understands the special, perhaps aristocratic perspective. On May is looking at it as a dream place for an artist to find a desire to fulfill his artistic goals.One night, he wanders the streets of Paris and finds himself lost, only to find himself saved from a party night socialites who turn out to be quite well-known in literary circles. Soon, writer / aspiring writer has the ability to see themselves living one of his dreams, and slowly came to a startling insights as he discovers more and more over to his new acquaintances can really be, and most importantly what their dreams really. The film is set in different time periods, and Paris Saint intense and seductive in any of them. From its cloudy and reflective streets, showing the beautiful architectural details and its magnificent monuments and beautiful superb recreational earlier periods, one can not help what is seduced, captivated and inspired to find a way to show what a special place, and what what is this magical film can be distinguished be.Performances all around, with Cotillard again stealing every moment she's on screen. Through the eyes and carefully delivered lines, we understand what draws us to this special time and place. She is gorgeous and very talented artist, that could be very aware of her situation, but she did not dwell on it. It attracts many species, but his philosophy is unique, move, enjoy, live in the moment. In some ways, it is like a city that has inspired Allen, and many others before him. Paris as the place might not be aware of its magnetism, its beauty and strength. Cotillards Muse is the perfect human equivalent, powerful and brilliant women, which varies from person to person, place to place, from time to time, and that surprises us with his own wishes near the end story.Wilson precipitated Allen persona, and he a very good job, and does not create an imitation of tired, boring cliché that could destroy the perfect balance of sight, hearing, and insightful dialogue, keeping it a masterpiece way ahead of the best Allen has offered before. For those of us who died during the fantasy sequences Purple Rose of Cairo, a wonderful recreation of the scene in more than bullets Broadway, dissecting relationships in many of his best films, get ready to see everything finally come together as he takes the best , and adds his own personal touch with funny and clever observations, Wilson spoke with honest and complete sense of wonder. Unlike many of its leading figures, Wilson shows the innocence that allows him to see his adventures in the fresh light.Midnight in Paris is a wonderful representation of what movie magic can really create a sense of wonder long by modern film, this is a film that entertains, educates and brings each of its elements, such as Paris bewitches us with every light, every facade, and every heartbeat of his music.

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